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Personal Space: 10 Practical Tips for Living with Multiple Pets

Our love for our pets runs deep and for some of us, one furry friend just isn’t enough! In fact, recent research by the University of Melbourne paints the picture of Aussies being one of the most pet loving countries in the world (who can blame us!) with 62% of households home to at least one pet (most likely a dog, followed by a cat) – whilst 24% have two pets and 17% three or more. By all accounts, pet ownership has risen rapidly over the past 18 months, partly driven by adoptions, as we’ve sought the companionship of four legged friends to help us get through the challenging days of COVID-19 lockdowns.

However, as any experienced owner will tell you, running a household with multiple pets is similar to raising a busy household with children. There’s regular chores that need to be done and multiple, sometimes “contrasting” personalities to tend to. But it can be fun and games, and these practical tips from The Pets Hotel team are a good guide to making your extended fur family run as smoothly as possible : )

Living with Multiple Pets

  • Tip #1. Space is sacred: Just like us, our pets need a bit of space for themselves from time to time, especially if you have more than one four-legged creature under your roof. This is particularly relevant for our feline friends given their independent nature. One way to address this issue and make all your pets feel like they belong is to set up a separate bed for each around the house. Nap time will be extra nice! : )

  • Tip #2. Cover your fancy furniture: What looks like a beautiful sofa to you is likely a tempting plaything to your pets. Or if you have a cat, the perfect item to scratch! That’s why covering your furniture with a blanket or clear plastic sheet is an easy way to protect your home beautiful from the ravages of play time. It’ll also make it much easier to sweep away excess fur.

  • Tip #3. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner! More pets equals more fun, and also far more mess! From shedding fur to other bits and pieces they drag indoors with them from outside adventures, nothing beats a good quality vacuum cleaner for keeping your home in top condition.

  • Tip #4. Separate and store pet food in sealed containers: Another handy tip for living with multiple pets is to separate their snacks into their own clearly labelled and sealed containers. Store these in your pantry away from hungry eyes and you’ll find mealtime becomes a breeze!

  • Tip #5. Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! A busy household with multiple pets can feel quite manic at times! That’s why ensuring they get plenty of daily exercise is paramount, not only for their physical and mental wellbeing, but also to ensure a restful night of sleep for you too. You might also wish to consider our Doggy Daycare service, for a welcome change of scenery and plenty of time for them to have fun burning off energy with their fellow paw pals.

  • Tip #6. Play that funky music: Much like humans, pets respond well to music. So, if you have a busy household that’s running around and needs some calming down, why not play some relaxing jazz or classical music through your speakers. This tip will also help ease their separation anxiety when you need to leave for work or other appointments and is a nice way to wind down after another busy day : )

  • Tip #7. Consider a private room for cats: Cats, generally speaking, like to do their own thing. Which means if your household features cats and dogs, it’s a good idea to consider giving your feline friend(s) their own private room – such as a laundry, that they can claim as their own.

  • Tip #8. Open your windows often: We all know that having just one pet can leave a strong scent in your house. Having multiple can mean a build up of odours that could scare away friends and family from dropping by! Combat this by opening your windows regularly (during the daytime) and letting fresh air freely circulate. This will also reduce the risk of heatstroke in Summer.

  • Tip #9. Find a good local vet: One of your best allies is raising a household of healthy, happy furry friends is a fully qualified, registered local vet you can trust. On that note, the RSPCA website and AVA (Australian Veterinary Association) directory are excellent resources for finding one close to where you live.

  • Tip #10. Don’t forget to have fun! Yes, your house is likely to get dirty more often than not and they won’t always obey instructions. But don’t forget to have fun with your furry friends and go with the flow. Being the owner of multiple pets is a privilege and one that will bring you great joy and plenty of laughter. It’s all about embracing those messy moments and their unconditional love for you : )


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