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Dog Grooming

Dog grooming is not only crucial for making your pup look good and smell great, but also for their health. Grooming maintains the condition of their coat, keeps bacteria at bay, and makes sure that their nails and paws are in good condition. It’s not a purely cosmetic activity, but something that actively benefits their long term wellbeing.



Have you ever wondered what the benefits of pet grooming are? Check out the following.

Decreased Risk Of Health Problems

Veterinary bills can be expensive. On average, the average Australian pet owner spends around $397 per year on dog vet care. Also, people spend a further $248 a year on health products to keep their pooches in tip-top condition. Over the course of a lifetime, you could be looking at more than $20,000 in healthcare bills, just for your dog.

One of the main reasons for dog grooming is to cut the risk of health problems. Dog grooming helps to reduce thrush, scratches, and various skin problem. Grooming is especially important for dogs with long hair. Brushing helps to ensure that the fur does not become matted or mangy, preventing it from becoming tangled or smelling bad.

Remove Dirt, Dandruff, And Dead Hair

dow-washAs a dog owner, you know that the last thing on your pooch’s mind is the cleanliness of their fur. Dogs will jump straight into dirty puddles and not care about getting caked in mud. It’s remarkably unimportant to them.

A dog bath is a perfect way to remove all of the dirt from your dog’s coat and give it a really deep clean. Removing the mud prevents fur from becoming matted and reduces the chances of fleas and infections.

Just like people, dogs can also have dandruff and dead hair. While dead hair and dandruff do not pose a risk by themselves, they can cause your dog to feel itchy and uncomfortable. Grooming helps with this too. Not only do anti-dandruff shampoos remove it from their bodies, but grooming also encourages the production of sebum. Just like people, dogs produce an oily substance which helps to keep their skin supple. Brushing spreads this oil along the length of the strands of fur, giving your dog’s coat a healthy, glossy finish.

Check Your Dog For Potential Health Issues

The pet salon cannot officially diagnose any problems with your dog, but they can alert you to any potential issues that might require veterinary attention. Dogs, as you may have noticed as an owner, are not particularly good at communicating about their health needs. Most of the time, they stay silent until things get terrible.

Grooming, however, can catch problems before they become more severe. A professional dog grooming service examines your pooch from top to bottom, checking their fur, skin, ears, paws, eyes, teeth, claws, and anus. Finding problems early on usually means that they’re much easier to deal with and don’t develop into serious issues.

Provide A Social Environment

Animals don’t socialise by holding long conversations with each other, even though we might want them to. Instead, most of their communication comes through touch. Dog grooming, therefore, is a vital way to allow them to socialise. Getting your pet’s hair brushed can help them to feel more a part of the community. Just like people, dogs need a level of social interaction for their wellbeing.

Reduce Parasite Load

dog-hairdryThere are dozens of external dog parasites: small organisms that make their home in their fur and on their skin. Parasites aren’t just a cosmetic problem but a potential source of disease and infection.

Fleas are the most common doggy parasite. Those living on most dogs are cat fleas, caught via cross-contamination. The characteristic feature of fleas is the fast pace with which they move. If you see small brown dots hopping manically from one part of your dog’s coat to another, then the chances are that it’s a flea infestation.

Unfortunately, fleas aren’t harmless. Sensitive dogs can experience extreme itching, which can cause a reduction in the quality of their skin and secondary skin infections. Fleas can also harm humans too, thanks to a species of tapeworm that they carry.

Another common external parasite is lice. You find lice most commonly on young and old dogs with health conditions. Lice fall into two categories: sucking and biting. Sucking lice get their sustenance from your dog’s blood, leading to complications such as anaemia. Biting lice eat skin cells and aggravate the skin. Your dog can pick up lice from direct contact with other dogs with lice.

Ear mites are another common condition that can afflict dogs. Ear mites feed on the wax and oil in your dog’s ears and can leave them looking red and inflamed.

Dogs can suffer from a range of additional external parasites, including the mite that causes scabies, ticks, and “walking dandruff.” Dog groomers, however, can alert you to the presence of these parasites, enabling you to get treatment. Pet grooming also makes it more difficult for some critters to become established by keeping the fur in excellent condition.

Improve Cleanliness

You have to live with your dog all day, every day (except on rare occasions when you go on holiday). The way that they smell, therefore, matters. You want them to smell good so that you can continue to enjoy their company, just as you did when they were a puppy. And you want to avoid guests feeling nauseous every time you invite them over to dinner.

Dog grooming helps to make your dog smell great. The reason for this is that grooming helps to clean your dog’s fur from root to tip all over their bodies. Grooming helps to reduce matting and damp, which can lead to the buildup of smelly bacteria, and make fur light and glossy, fighting unpleasant odors.

Dogs have a natural funk, just like people. And like us, this musk can become increasingly pungent over the course of days and weeks. Regular dog grooming helps to remove the source of the smell and leave your pooch fragrant and fresh. It seems impossible until you’ve tried it. But once you have, you can’t live without it.

Check Ears And Paws

Your dog won’t tell you if there’s a thorn stuck in its paw or if it has an earache. It’ll just seem a little quiet. Dog grooming, however, can alert you, in the event of a problem. Groomers look out for issues in areas you wouldn’t ordinarily look, including the underside of their paws and the interior of their ears.

The opening to dog ears is much larger than it is for humans, meaning that they are more prone to debris getting in and causing pain, swelling, and infection. Regular sessions at the pet salon can quickly find problems before they become more severe.

Take Care Of All The Yucky Stuff

dog-grooming 2As a dog owner, you want to enjoy the company of your dog, not spend your time cleaning out their anal glands. Dog groomers do all of this for you using special, hygienic equipment, allowing the relationship you have with your dog to proceed normally. Professionals groomers have the expertise and tools required to solve yucky problems, so you don’t have to.

When Should You Start Grooming Sessions For Your Dog?

When it comes to grooming, it’s best to start early. Many owners leave it until their dog is fully grown before taking it to the dog salon. The problem with late starts is that some dogs do not like it. Dogs can find it invasive suddenly going from not being touched to being prodded in all manner of ways by strangers. It’s not an experience that they always enjoy.

It’s much better to start grooming while your dog is still a puppy. Taking your pup to the pet spa early on in life will teach them that it is a normal and perfectly happy experience.

How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Pup’s Trip To The Dog Spa

Every dog that comes to the dog spa is different. Some pooches have long fur, others short. Some are infected with parasites; others are not. If you want to get the most benefits possible for your dog, then it’s vital to tell the spa about the individual needs of your dog.

If you want the standard brush and nail trimming, then tell the dog groomers, and they’ll be happy to oblige. Likewise, if your dog has a health condition, then tell the people at the spa, and they can create a grooming programme to accommodate. Dog, like people, are individuals, so if you want to get the most out of grooming sessions, it’s important to be specific.

How Often Do You Need To Get Your Dog Groomed For Maximum Benefit?

How often you get your dog groomed depends on a variety of factors, including the breed, the length of their fur, and whether they have an underlying health condition. Most practitioners, however, recommend that you go to the dog spa around once per month.


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