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Cats 101: 5 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Feline Friend

They’re mysterious, fast moving and amongst the quietest of common household pets. Some say they’re not quite as affectionate as dogs, however there’s plenty of Aussies devoted to the special beauty of cats, including us of course!

In fact, a 2020 University of Melbourne study found that 37% of all Aussie pet owners have a feline friend (or two) keeping them company at home, something we’ve all needed over these past 18 months of rolling lockdowns and working from home.

That’s why this month, The Pets Hotel team are turning attention to our quiet feline friends. In particular, we’ll share practical tips to consider when choosing a cat that will be a perfect fit for you and your family. With the benefits of pet ownership well known, here’s to a happy, furry friendship for all! 

Choosing Your Perfect Feline Friend

  • Tip #1. Adult cat or Kitten? Do cute kittens make you melt at first sight, or would you prefer a mature moggy with a well-developed fur coat? Choosing between a kitten or adopting a fully grown adult cat is often the first consideration facing aspiring owners. Whilst kittens are undeniably adorable, they also require more time and attention than their mature cousins, including socialisation and litter training. Whatever option you choose, the RSPCA’s ‘Adopt A Pet’ program or individual breeders like Victoria’s LeopardUs Cheetoh Cats are great starting points to find your feline friend! : )


  • Tip #2. Keep your lifestyle in mind: How often are you home? How big is your house or apartment? Cats are well known for having an independent streak and unlike their canine counterparts, most are more than happy to spend ample time entertaining themselves or watching the world go by. However, like all pets, they still need our TLC to live a healthy and happy life, especially if you’re talking about a cute kitten. With that in mind, you’ll want to make sure you have sufficient time to commit to your feline friend, as raising a cat is similar in many ways to raising a human child!


  • Tip #3. Consider your personality: Given their quiet nature, cats are especially well suited to the more reserved types amongst us… think those who prefer a quiet night on the couch over the excitement of a busy bar! Having said that, some breeds are more active than others, such as sprightly Siamese Cats who are always keen to play, compared to British Shorthair Cats who would rather curl up in your lap than make a big fuss. It’s also worth noting a cat’s personality can change over time, depending on the attention it’s given : )


  • Tip #4. Consider other household members: Do you share your home with other four-legged friends? And do the other humans in your household (if any) have allergies? These are other important things to consider before bringing a new pet cat home, as unlike dogs, cat hair and dander can be particularly irritating for certain people. You’ll also want to make time to carefully introduce your new feline friend to the rest of the household, ensuring everyone gets along well from the very start!


  • Tip #5. Don’t forget your purpose for owning a cat: Last but not least, you’ll want to have a clear purpose for finding a new pet cat in the first place. Whether it’s a quiet companion for your house, an adorable pet for your cat loving child, or a friend for your other pets, having a strong Why will help get you through the inevitable ups and downs and sometimes considerable costs of raising your feline friend : )

Seeking further guidance? We recommend checking out the excellent websites below. All have handy, interactive quizzes and informative resources to help you in your quest for the perfect pet cat:


Keen to find out more about The Pets Hotel and our friendly team of professional cat and dog carers? Contact us at The Pets Hotel (Port Melbourne) on (03) 9646 3696 or The Pets Hotel Country Club (Lara) on (03) 5282 1286.

Perfect Match: The Best Dog Breed for Your Personality

Hello to our furry friends and family! Last month we covered 5 tips to consider when choosing a dog breed that will work for you and your family. Amongst those five tips was #3 – consider your personality, as just like us humans, each dog breed has its own unique characteristics and personality traits. No two canines are exactly the same; however, most breeds can be grouped by common temperament and behaviours.

Just as you’d carefully choose a prospective housemate or even friends based on their compatibility and shared interests, this diligence is equally important when choosing a dog breed - to ensure everyone gets on well under the one roof!

That’s why this month The Pets Hotel team have delved a little deeper into the different types of dog breeds and crucially, how they relate to human personalities. Whilst our recommendations aren’t scientific by any means, we draw upon decades of experience in caring for our four-legged friends’ day after day! Of course, this is all just a little bit of fun : )

The Best Dog Breed For Your Personality

Your personality could best be described as...


An oddball: Creative & individualistic

Considered eccentric by others, you’re one who really “marches to the beat of your own drum” and isn’t worried too much by what others think, if you even stop to consider that in the first place! You enjoy creative pursuits and surrounding yourself with pretty and eclectic things.

An intellectual

You prefer books to parties and enjoy immersing yourself in knowledge and new topics. Whilst a natural introvert, you can also talk at length about your favourite topics, in the right company of course.

  • Your ideal dog breedYour ideal canine pal is one with qualities similar to a cat… smart but quiet. A breed that is self-sufficient but also enjoys companionship. Consider:

Hardworking and orderly

Diligence is your middle name. You’re a hard worker with a tidy mind and believe everything has its proper place. You respect traditional values and enjoy recharging your batteries with a good book or quiet crossword.

Loyal & Trusting

Similar to your hardworking and orderly cousins, you’re a faithful friend who values loyalty, stability and believes in the good of others. An introvert yet also a team player, you’re happy to contribute to group efforts but don’t mind who takes the credit.




Energetic, outgoing and excited by life, you enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. People describe you as fun and interesting, and you would agree!

Caring & empathetic

A deeply caring person who strives to understand how others are feeling and offer comfort in times of need, you love giving back to the community and volunteering where you can.

Peaceful & easygoing

Friendly and down-to-earth, you enjoy “going with the flow” and avoid conflict where possible. You cherish relationships and often wonder why everyone can’t just all get along with each other as you do!

Social butterfly

You’re the life of a party! You enjoy attention, certainly aren’t shy and easily attract others who want to be your friend. You’re optimistic in your outlook to life and love nothing more than having a bit of fun! : )

Of course, this is all just a bit of fun. We highly recommend you visit your local shelter or reputable rehoming service when looking for a new fur-baby, as sometimes the very best breed is ‘Rescued’ : )

After further advice? Here’s a few handy websites with interactive quizzes and resources to help you in your quest for choosing a dog breed that’s best for you.

Keen to find out more abouThe Pets Hotel and our friendly team of professional cat and dog carers? Contact us at The Pets Hotel (Port Melbourne) on (03) 9646 3696 or The Pets Hotel Country Club (Lara) on (03) 5282 1286.

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