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The Benefits of Doggy Daycare Post Pandemic

After two years of struggling through a maze of COVID-19 restrictions and on/off lockdowns, life in Victoria as of April 2022 finally feels close to normal. That means people are working from their employer’s office again (at least one or two days a week) and taking a much-needed break interstate or even overseas!

Whilst these are most welcome developments without a doubt, spare a thought for our furry friends who grew very used to us being by their side day after day during the darkest days of lockdown. Now, as we’re getting out and about again and getting on with our lives, a sense of separation anxiety is returning to many pets.

Thankfully, our Doggy Daycare service run by highly capable professional carers presents a great option for accommodating your beloved pet on those days when you’re working from the office, running errands or simply busy catching up with family and friends. We also featured in a recent ABC article on this timely topic! : )

The Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Here’s just a few key benefits we can offer you and your canine pal:

  • 1. Time apart to make your hearts grow fonder: Let’s begin with the most obvious benefit of Doggy Daycare; freeing up your precious time to tend to other matters, whether that be running errands around town, indulging in Melbourne’s many magnificent shopping options or something as basic as going to work your 9-5 job in the office (work/home separation is something we don’t take for granted anymore!). While saying goodbye to your furry friend in the morning can be tough, especially following our altered living patterns over recent years, the short time you spend apart during the day will only make you both appreciate those evening cuddles together so much more : )
  • 2. A chance to make plenty of new furry friends: Being incredibly social creatures, your dog will be jumping for joy at the opportunity to make plenty of new furry friends at our luxury Doggy Daycare facilities in Port Melbourne and Lara. With professional, caring staff on hand, we’ll introduce your VIP (very important pet) to the other dogs they’ll be spending their day with, whilst making sure everyone gets along nicely. Following two years of lockdowns, it’s also an ideal way to resocialise them with the wider world beyond your four walls!

  • 3. Ample exercise & daily fun: Dogs need exercise, and lots of it on a daily basis, as any pet owner will tell you! Another big benefit of doggy daycare with The Pets Hotel team is the guarantee your canine pal will be spending much of their day moving about our spacious indoor dog park at Port Melbourne, aptly called “Central Bark”. Or for those staying with us in Lara, Elcho Park is blessed with ample outdoor space including a new adventure playground. Whether it’s chasing their friends around the grounds of Central Bark, rolling a ball along the padded floor or playing with soft toys, your dog will be releasing plenty of endorphins and energy throughout the day. This means they’ll be extra ready for a night of deep sleep once home time arrives.
  • 4. Delicious doggie treats: All that socialising and playing will leave your furry friend hungry for some delicious treats to fuel all their fun-filled activity. That’s no problem at Doggy Daycare, where we feed all our canine pals premium quality dog food to meet their basic nutritional needs. Once you return at the end of the day, you’ll not only have a well-fed dog, but also a well exercised and socialised pet that’s had a great day!


Keen to find out more about The Pets Hotel and our Doggy Daycare service run by a team of professional animal lovers? Contact us at The Pets Hotel (Port Melbourne) on (03) 9646 3696 or The Pets Hotel Country Club (Lara) on (03) 5282 1286.

We understand leaving your pets for the first time can cause some anxiety. So we’re happy to give you a FREE tour of both our Doggy Daycare facilities on any Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday outside school holidays... We'll also offer you 50% off your pets first stay!

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After years of research in Australia and the USA, The Pets Hotel is custom designed for your pet’s health, safety and comfort, all in a fun-filled environment - which exceeds the industry Code of Practice.
The owners of The Pets Hotel have 35 years experience in the Pet industry.

The Pets Hotel is the culmination of this experience.

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  • Great place for your pets. Highly recommend it to anyone. Climate controlled. No windy,cold or boiling hot tin sheds. Fab facility.

    Nicole W
  • Alma absolutely loved her day there she didn't want to leave. The staff are so lovely & friendly. Alma smelt so nice for days after her bath there.

    Joanne B
  • Best pet boarding facility in Melbourne. Worth every cent. Exceptional customer service and care for your pet.

    Brig S
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