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Winter Warmer Tips (for Humans)

It’s late July at the time of writing and a typically cold and grey Winter day here in Melbourne. Whilst we’re no longer living under the shadow of lockdowns and heavy government restrictions on our everyday lives (which is a good thing), lately it feels like every second person we know has come down with the cold, flu or COVID! That’s why this month The Pets Hotel team are sharing a few simple Winter Warmer tips we follow ourselves to ward off those cold and flu’s, along with the seasonal blues… None of us is immune to these common Winter ailments. But by keeping ourselves as warm and comfortable as possible, we’ll also be in the best position to care for our furry friends until the sunnier days of Spring arrive : )

Winter Warmer Tips for Humans

  • Rug up with extra layers: You may remember this age-old advice from your mother, and for good reason! While we all know the importance of wearing extra layers when leaving the house on a cold day, the same principle applies when you’re lazing about indoors during Winter. If you feel cold, simply add a jumper or jacket to your clothing and a pair of thick socks to your feet… even better, wrap yourself in a warm blanket on the couch with your furry friend by your side. This simple bliss will also save you precious money from not having the heating running all day! : )


    • Add extra layers to your clothing if you feel cold, including indoors
    • Wear a thick pair of socks on your feet
    • Rug up in a warm blanket with your cat or dog


  • Close the curtains: Another simple Winter warmer tip that will have you feeling extra cosy is to close your curtains or blinds in the evening to keep your home extra insulated. Whilst double-glazed windows are the ultimate solution, many older Aussie homes don’t have this treatment. Up to 40% of heat loss occurs through our windows alone, so by leaving your curtains or blinds open during the day to let in maximum light and then closing them at night, you’ll be trapping the warmer air long after the sun goes down.


    • Close your curtains or blinds at night to trap warmer air from the daytime
    • Up to 40% of heat loss occurs through our windows alone!


  • Move your body! You’re forgiven for feeling a little lazy when it’s cold, wet and gloomy outside… the couch is certainly a more attractive option on these short Winter days. But if the cold is getting to you, the simple act of moving your body at least once every hour could be enough to warm you up and help ward off those Winter blues. Whether it involves rugging up and walking the dog around the block, attending your favourite gym class or even cleaning the house, a little exercise will do you plenty of good! : )


  • Feeling cold? Move your body at least once every hour
  • Rug up and take the dog for a walk
  • Attend your favourite gym class
  • Even clean the house!


  • Savour warm & spicy foods: One of our favourite things about Winter and an excellent way of warding off the cold is to savour all those wonderfully warm and hearty seasonal foods. Whether it’s spicy soups, slow-cooked lamb, mum’s delicious Sunday Roast, baking cookies, a quiet cuppa or a decadent mug of Hot Chocolate, humans have been keeping themselves warm and cosy during the harsh Winter months for generations with these delicious treats. Not sure where to begin? We’re big fans of which has a wealth of easy-to-follow recipes!


    • Keep warm with delicious Winter treats – soups, spicy food, baked goods and hot drinks like tea, coffee and chocolate
    • and other online sites have a wealth of recipes


  • Rest when you need to: Finally, if despite your best efforts you’re simply feeling a little under the weather – don’t feel guilty calling in sick and giving yourself a day off work to properly rest. As tempting as it can be to soldier on, we’re only human after all and we need to give our bodies sufficient time to recover from cold, flus and especially COVID! If you can’t care for your pets during this time, don’t fret – our professional dog and cat carers can give them plenty of TLC while you rest.


    • Give yourself plenty of time to rest and recover from cold, flus and COVID
    • The Pets Hotel team can take care of your pets during this time if necessary

Feeling a little under the weather this Winter and need time to recover?... We'll take care of your furry friends for you. Contact our friendly team at The Pets Hotel (Port Melbourne) on (03) 9646 3696 or The Pets Hotel Country Club (Lara) on (03) 5282 1286 today! For shorter stays, we also offer our very popular Doggy Daycare service at both addresses, complete with climate-controlled rooms and plenty of blankets for a cosy midday nap.

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