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The Pets Hotel Team: 2021 in Review and a Big THANK YOU!

Hello to all our loyal customers and your furry friendsAt the time of writing, Christmas is just over one week away, the weather is finally warming up and the tumultuous, challenging and tiring year that has been 2021 is almost coming to an end…

Most months, we share practical tips for keeping your furry friends (dogs and cats) happy and healthy (happy pet = happy owner). And with all the extra time they’ve spent by our side these past two years, we hope you’ve found the articles from our Pets Press Room helpful in some way. However, this month we’re turning the focus on ourselves as we look back on 2021 and preview some of the exciting things you can expect at The Pets Hotel (Port Melbourne) and The Pets Hotel Country Club (Lara) in 2022.

  • Firstly, THANK YOU! First and foremost, from the entire Pets Hotel family – Yvonne, Ashleigh, Lauren and Alan Hill along with Denis and Vicki Cleghorn and the rest of our hard-working team, we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU for your continued loyalty and faith in us. As you’re all well aware, it has been an extremely challenging two years for any business connected to the tourism industry, especially here in Victoria. But thanks to you, your pets who’ve continued to visit us throughout multiple lockdowns and our wonderful staff, the COVID years are now just part of the much bigger story of the Hill and Cleghorn families 27 year journey as proud pet service providers :)


  • A new online booking & payment system - To make your Pets Hotel experience even better, we’ve significantly upgraded our booking and payment systems this year. Giving you the ability to book in your four-legged friends for our full range of services via our fully-integrated Online Portal – covering Port Melbourne and Lara. With just a few simple clicks, you can have them booked in for Doggy Daycare, a fun-filled stay in our Dog or Cat Suites and so much more! : )

  • Enhanced career paths for our junior staff - Our dedicated and hardworking junior staff are an integral part of the broader The Pets Hotel team. Which is why we’re giving them an enhanced career path across both our addresses for those who’d like to pursue their long-term passion in the pet services sector!
  • Upping our green game! We’ve also committed our business to go green and are ‘walking the talk’ by installing solar panels at both addresses. These solar panels will help us take advantage of our (mostly) sunny Aussie climate (yes, even down here in Victoria we still enjoy a decent amount of sunshine throughout the year), cutting our power bills so we can offer our dear customers even more in coming years : )
  • A fun new Splash Pad & Adventure Playground - And finally, as we’ve always been leaders in the pet services industry, we found productive ways to spend our “down time” during Victoria’s multiple lockdowns this year, most notably by building a fantastic new Splash Pad at The Country Club in Lara. Ready for all your four-legged friends who are staying with us now, our brand-new Splash Pad will be available to hire for fun-filled birthday parties and playdates in 2022. It will also be accompanied by an exciting new adventure playground at Lara that’s well on its way to completion! Photos below:

Splash Pad - 1
Splash Pad - 2
Splash Pad - 3

So while we’re busy looking after your fur babies, put your feet up, stay safe and have a well-deserved rest this Christmas. Let every day of the holiday season be one filled with joy for you and your family! 

Keen to take a well-earned Summer break and leave your furry friends in the good hands of our professional cat and dog carers? Contact us at The Pets Hotel (Port Melbourne) on (03) 9646 3696 or The Pets Hotel Country Club (Lara) on (03) 5282 1286.

Re-socialising Your Dog Post Lockdown: 5 Top Tips

Phew! It’s been a very busy few weeks across Victoria as life has finally returned all but completely back to normal (minus the wearing of face masks in certain places) in our fair state. Thank you to everyone who rolled up their sleeves to get vaccinated, you’re the reason we’re all living a normal life again, doing those things we once took for granted before 2020!

However, we also know coming out of lockdown (something we’re all too familiar with here) can be a tiring experience, including for our furry friends who’ve gotten very used to us being at home by their side day after day.

On that note, The Pets Hotel team shares some handy tips to help your dog re-adjust to normal life and the presence of strangers once again. With plenty of patience and a little TLC, re-socialising your dog will help you both get the most out of the brighter days that lie ahead : )

Re-socialising Your Dog Post Lockdown

  • Tip 1: Be patient: Move at your dog’s own pace: Whilst some of us couldn’t wait to hit the pub as soon as lockdown lifted, others had completely understandable anxiety at the thought of being “out and about” amongst bustling crowds once again. Dogs are no different to us humans in that regard, so as we re-adjust to old habits, pay attention to your four-legged friend’s behaviour and aim to move at their own pace. Acting quiet and anxious? That’s a sure sign your dog will need a little more time to ease into the rhythm of everyday life after endless weeks bunkered down at home.

  • Tip 2: Arrange one-on-one playdates: Following on from tip one, arranging one-on-one playdates between your dog and his/her furry friends is a great way to gradually ease them into the momentum of normal life again. By giving them the chance to interact with one other dog or at most, a very small tight-knit group, you’ll create a safe environment that will help them re-learn appropriate social behaviours before facing the demands of bigger crowds : )

  • Tip 3: Establish a regular routine: As we gradually return to the workplace and get out and about ourselves far more often, it’s crucial to establish a new, regular routine for our four-legged friends to help them re-adjust to us not being at home 24/7. For example, if you know you’ll be working from the office on certain days, schedule that daily walk at a consistent time all week. Another good idea is to gradually leave your dog alone for 10-15 minutes at a time to help them deal with any inevitable separation anxiety.

  • Tip 4: Familiarise them with face masks: One of the biggest and most overlooked aspects of re-socialising your dog after a long stint in lockdown is getting them familiar with the strange sight of the now ubiquitous face mask. Dogs being highly visual communicators need to see human faces to read our body language and gauge their own response. Not being able to ‘read’ our faces can cause considerable anxiety, which is why it’s vital to gradually introduce them to strangers wearing masks and reward them for remaining calm – an effective way to teach them that this behaviour (masked humans) is completely normal and non-threatening.

  • Tip 5: Pay particular attention to puppies: If you have a cute little puppy at home, you’re probably aware of the short 3–14-week timeframe you have to properly socialise them, so they’re used to the presence of other humans and animals. If your puppy was born during lockdown or missed out on those vital opportunities to make other furry friends at a very young age, now is the time to regain lost ground by enrolling them in a Puppy Training School or basic Dog Obedience class. More than just an age-old tradition, a good obedience class or puppy training school will set them up with positive behaviours and a trusting nature that will carry them in good stead for life. Doggy Daycare is another great option for helping your pup (and dogs of any age for that matter) to properly socialise and enter the wider world on their own terms! : )

Keen to find out more about The Pets Hotel and our friendly team of professional cat and dog carers? Contact us at The Pets Hotel (Port Melbourne) on (03) 9646 3696 or The Pets Hotel Country Club (Lara) on (03) 5282 1286.

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The Pets Hotel is the culmination of this experience.

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  • Best pet boarding facility in Melbourne. Worth every cent. Exceptional customer service and care for your pet.

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