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Strange Dog Behaviour in Lockdown: 4 Signs Your Furry Friend Needs Some Extra TLC

Just when you thought 2020 couldn’t bring us any more drama, it unfortunately has. All of Melbourne is back in lockdown again as of July 9 and this time round it feels like an even bigger drag, because we’ve already been here before! One silver lining for those dog owners amongst us is more valuable time with our furry friends, who’ve no doubt gotten used to us being around the house quite a lot since March (which feels like an eternity ago now). However, just like us humans, living in lockdown can also have a big effect on the mood of our pets. So as we go through lockdown round II in Melbourne, The Pets Hotel team have put together this list of 4 strange dog behaviors to keep an eye out for –  key signs your furry friend(s) could do with a little extra tender loving care during these strangest of times.

Masked Dog1
Your dog is extra clingy

     Dogs are naturally affectionate, highly social creatures who have an innate biological need for regular interaction with others, unlike cats who are much more adept at practicing “social distancing” on their own terms! If you notice your dog is extra clingy whilst you’re isolating at home, it could be a sign they’re experiencing some degree of physical discomfort, which usually begins in the musculoskeletal system. Anxiety could be another cause – especially if you’ve been exhibiting symptoms of stress yourself. In this situation, a full check up at your local vet could be the best step forward. RSPCA have a number of quality clinics across Melbourne.

      2. Your dog is moody and withdrawn

      Research published earlier this year established the concept of “emotional contagion” in pet dogs or in other words, dogs feel what we feel and can mirror our own traits quite closely. If your furry friend has been acting really moody or withdrawn lately, first reflect on your own behavior – it’s likely they’re just mirroring what they’ve seen from their master. And let’s be honest, we can all cut ourselves some slack right now!

      A simple way to address this is to give your dog plenty of extra reassuring hugs, cuddles and to try speaking to him/her in a happier voice. A little positivity will go a long way right now :   

      3. Your dog is more aggressive than normal

Another strange dog behaviour you may be witnessing during lockdown round II is more aggression than normal from your furry friend. Whether that’s biting or scratching the furniture or just jumping around much more than normal, this is likely the result of two causes – anxiety or boredom. The boredom speaks for itself and this can especially be a problem for more active, energetic breeds of dog who may need to be taken for two walks a day and given plenty of play time to burn off their energy.

The anxiety on the other hand, could be a form of “displacement behaviour” – a way for your pet dog to deal with new stressors, such as having people around ALL the time. To deal with this anxiety it’s important to give your dog plenty of hugs and reassurance, whilst also ensuring they have their own space, for when they need some time out from all that extra human attention.

4.  Your dog is barking a lot

Whilst far from a strange dog behavior, extra barking than normal during a lockdown/working from home scenario can mean one of several things – anxiety, boredom, loneliness, territorial assertiveness or simple playfulness. Whatever the underlying cause, barking is a way for dogs to gain attention and communicate their mood. Ensuring you give your furry friend plenty of attention and carefully reading their body language for signs of what’s up is key here – do they need more food or water? Are they agitated their normally quiet space has been overtaken by humans sheltering at home?

These 4 signs aside, don’t forgot the importance of structure to your dog’s everyday life – by ensuring they’re well fed and hydrated, exercised daily, ideally with a brisk walk around the neighbourhood, given plenty of love and attention and they end each day with a good night’s sleep!

Despite the second lockdown, The Pets Hotel in Melbourne is open for business as usual for those who need to use our Doggy Daycare service. Meanwhile The Pets Hotel Country Club is outside the lockdown zone is semi-rural Lara. Keen to learn more about us or make use of our services? Contact our friendly team on (03) 9646 3696 and (03) 5282 1286!

Ready for a Post-Iso Break? We’re Ready for Your Pets!

The past few months have been a difficult time for Australians as we navigate the neverending dramas of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s also been a time of mixed blessings for Aussie pet owners, as we’ve spent countless days working from home (#wfh) instead of commuting to distant workplaces, much to the delight of our furry friendsBut now, at the time of writing, social distancing restrictions have been gently eased in Victoria, meaning we can once again explore the jewels our great state has to offer. This includes spending a night or two away from home in regional areas, which would also be a great boost to struggling local businesses. So, if you’re ready for a long awaited post-iso break or just a night “off-duty”, The Pets Hotel and Pets Hotel Country Club is ready to take care of your cats and dogs in our stylish suites!

Dog Suite June 2020 1Resort-style Pet suites for a stay that will delight them

Our main address, The Pets Hotel in Port Melbourne is more than just your regular pet boarding facility. Purpose-built based on years of research from the United States and Australia on what makes a great environment for cats and dogs to thrive, The Pets Hotel is more like a resort where your VIPs (very important pets) can make new paw pals, have fun running around, enjoy a great night’s sleep and benefit from other activities including in-house dog obedience training.

Choose from entry level ‘Classic Suites’ that begin at just $46 a day for dogs ($23/day for cats), or for something super fancy – there’s the ‘Presidential Suites’ at $89 per day/dog ($41/day for cats). We’re also a family-run business that’s proudly served Victorian pet owners since 1984, a real labor of love between the Cleghorn and Hill families, and we treat every pet as our own!

Safe & sound while you sit back & relax

Whether your furry friends are regular pampered guests at The Pets Hotel or you’re considering us for the very first time, we understand your peace of mind is paramount when entrusting their care to another party. That’s why we’ve invested over the years in a state-of-the-art facility that will not only keep your pets super comfortable and in good company, but also safe and sound 24 hours/day.

This begins with basic good hygiene (extra important in COVID-19 times) – from epoxy flooring to daily cleaning of all suites and common areas, through to a specially designed air conditioning and ventilation system that prevents the spread of odours, germs and other nasties, a sophisticated fire protection system, 24/7 video surveillance, security card access and a nearby vet (no more than 5 KM away) on call at all times. For extra reassurance, we also have our own PetCam so you can see what they’re up to whilst you sit back and relax!

Cat Suite June 2020 1Try us for free!

Still not sure about leaving your pet(s) with us while you enjoy a night or two away? We’re happy to schedule a free, complimentary overnight stay in our cat and dog suites so we can all get to know each other. While your pet is with us, we’ll assess and monitor them before recommending the services and accommodation best suited to their needs. Free trial stays are available any Tuesday-Thursday night outside school holidays, with check out before 10 AM the following day.

Keen to learn more about The Pets Hotel and The Pets Hotel Country Club? Contact our friendly team on (03) 9646 3696 and (03) 5282 1286, they’ll love to hear from you!

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After years of research in Australia and the USA, The Pets Hotel is custom designed for your pet’s health, safety and comfort, all in a fun-filled environment - which exceeds the industry Code of Practice.
The owners of The Pets Hotel have 35 years experience in the Pet industry.

The Pets Hotel is the culmination of this experience.

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