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2014 April VIP Newsletter

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This month's VIP special!

Receive 10% off any Activity pack purchased! – Information on our Activity packs can be found at reception.
How to Redeem? Just cut out this coupon and bring it along with you at check-in to receive a 10% discount on any Activity pack purchased for your cat or dog!

The Pets Hotel News

Hey everyone, what are your Easter plans this year?

Hurry to book your pets' holiday this Easter as spots are filling fast! – With our Cat Presidential suites already full and other levels of accommodation filling fast, don't hold off on booking!! This year the Easter period begins on the 18th of April and goes through till the 21st of April.

As always, TPH has a 5 day minimum stay over Easter, as we do not employ a price increase system in holiday periods. Also ANZAC day falls on the 25th of April so why not cash in some of that annual leave and go on a 10 day holiday?! - But be quick as space is limited!

Give the lovely Reception girls a call on (03) 9646 3696 or Email:, they are excited to hear from you! W:


Just a holiday reminder that The Pets Hotel reception will be CLOSED on the 18th, 19th and 21st of April due to the Easter public holidays, as well as on the 25th of April for ANZAC day.

Day Care will be unavailable at The Pets Hotel from the 17th of April until the 28th of April, Commencing back on Tuesday the 29th of April.
- Thank you for your cooperation

Big Winner!

Congratulations to our two BIG winners!

#1 Amy.D in our stonnington pets in the park competition!
- Amy has won a Bono Fido, country road bed!
#2 Denise.G of Bondbeach, in Diamond Dog Bakery's 'spoil your dog' competition!
- Denise has scored a 10 day Doggy Day Care pack!

Dogs unleashed as South Melbourne off-leash park made permanent


off leashPort Phillip Council approved South Melbourne's Eastern Reserve North's permanent transformation into an off-leash play area from 7am to 7.30pm. Source: News Limited

DOGS are free to frolic once more in South Melbourne's Eastern Reserve North, drawing the curtain on a fraught community debate.

Port Phillip Council last night approved the park's permanent transformation into an off-leash play area from 7am to 7.30pm.

A three-month trial ending last December had pitted excitable canines against noise-sensitive humans, sparking a barrage of "approximately 56 emails from predominantly five local residents" who opposed the plan, officers said.

The Leader was copied in on many of these emails, which complained almost daily of dogs "barking uncontrollably", defecating and reducing the park to a "dust bowl".

Resident Barry White addressed the council saying the 50 adjacent homes were impacted by noise owing to the "intensive use" of the tiny park.

But Emerald Hill Ward Councillor Anita Horvath said she visited many times during the trial and found dog owners using the space responsibly.

"If dogs yapped or barked, they were yapping in glee, not in anger," Cr Horvath noted.

The majority of 285 residents surveyed online supported the dog park.

Another resident, Ben Morgan, said he was glad the council was replacing the grass in the park but that this had never been needed before.

"Three months of relentless overuse have done more damage than 10 years of drought," Mr Morgan said.

"There's not a living blade of grass left."

Dog owner Hugh Cameron said park users like himself helped clean up after those who left dog poo behind.

Officers said their investigations found barking did not breach legislative noise restrictions, saying each dog emitted "generally between five and 10 yaps — not 'constant barking'".

Enforcement was only possible if barking was "persistent, consistent and to a point where it's a nuisance ... such as creates a health problem".

Officers keep an offence log of those dog owners who do breach regulations, to inform theirmodus operandi of "ask, tell, enforce".

Councillors voted to develop a management plan to ensure "the condition of the park is maintained over time".

A Basketful of Easter Pet Safety Tips

Posted on March 29, 2012 by DrLynn (Source:

eastern dogs
Peter Cottontail isn't the only furry creature excited about Easter. Our dogs and cats love this holiday that brings warmer weather, greener grass, and interesting treats. Unfortunately, many of these "treats" will involve medical "treatment" if consumed.

Here are a few Easter warnings to help keep your pets safe:

  1. Easter grass. I love Easter baskets and fill mine with colorful artificial grass that really screams, "Spring is here!" If you do the same, remember to keep the Easter basket out of your pet's reach. Consumption of artificial grass can cause minor gastrointestinal problems like constipation or vomiting OR major problems like intestinal blockages that may require surgical intervention. So, either place the Easter basket in a safe place or opt for tissue paper fillers.
  2. Easter eggs. Both real and plastic eggs can be harmful to your pet. Consumption of real eggs can cause an upset stomach when munched upon and can cause a blockage if swallowed whole. And yes, some dogs gulp without chewing! Egg shells aren't readily digested so the effects of eating hard boiled eggs can cause several days of discomfort. Plus, we all know that some people hide Easter eggs in impossible places; however, even if we can't find them, our dogs eventually will. As the egg stuck under the Azalea bush ages, it smells...and as it smells, it becomes more "findable." Consumption of rotten eggs never has a good outcome. Plastic eggs don't spoil, but they also don't digest which means you'll be monitoring your dog's poop until he passes them. And if he doesn't pass them, you'll be at the veterinary hospital for assistance. Talk about laying the golden egg!
  3. Easter lilies. What a beautiful hallmark of the Easter season! Lilies at Easter are like Poinsettias at Christmas....lovely and poisonous. Cats have a tendency to nibble on the flowers and dogs may gobble them up. These flowers are toxic and may cause GI upset (vomiting and diarrhea), lethargy, and kidney failure. If your plant looks a little shaggy and you suspect that your pet has done a little unwarranted pruning, call your veterinarian.
  4. Easter candy. Yum! Can't wait to eat the ears off your chocolate Easter bunny? Enjoy your treat, but don't share it with your cat or dog. Chocolate contains a chemical called theobromine that can cause vomiting, diarrhea, hyperactivity, elevated heart rate and even seizures when consumed by pets. Dark chocolate may be healthier for us, but it's more toxic for cats and dogs. And some pets don't remove the foil wrappers before eating their candy, which can worsen the situation. If your pet eats your Easter candy, call your veterinarian for instructions on how to minimize intoxication.
  5. "Diet" Easter candy. OK, so some of us splurge a lot on Easter morning and some of us splurge a little. If you are one of the conservative crowd that has candy with sugar substitute instead of real sugar, good for you....bad for your pet. Sugar substitutes, like xylitol, can be toxic to dogs and cats and may cause a drop in blood sugar, seizures, and liver failure. So, the advice here is the same as always, keep candy out of your pet's reach.

With all the fun stuff out of reach, how can our pets enjoy Easter? Well, we can give them a safe Easter treat like a new chew toy or take them for a long walk. Spending time with your pet is really the best treat.

dog1These Pictures Of Dogs At A Grooming Competition Are Insane

The elaborate dog fashion found at grooming competitions can be totally ridiculous. Just look at the poor pet on the right whose fur was cut and dyed to display the faces of multiple Disney characters.

Last year, photographer Paul Nathan visited the preeminent Intergroom competition in East Rutherford, N.J. and captured some of the madness and, yes, beauty.

While most people say elaborate pet haircuts are all in good fun, some critics have called the practice of "extreme grooming" humiliating and psychologically damaging for the dogs.

Nathan shared some photos here, but you can check out more at his website or in his upcoming book, "Groomed."

The Intergroom conference and competition began in 1981 in Newark, N.J. It is now the largest international competition of its kind.

Over 3,000 dog and cat groomers from 21 different countries participate. The “Intergroom International Groomer of the Year” award is considered the most prestigious in the dog grooming world.
The competition is divided by breed and type of grooming.
The categories are poodles, terriers, spaniels/sporting dogs, other purebreeds, miscellaneous, and hand-stripping (where groomers pull the hair from dogs instead of cutting).
There is one other grooming category: creative. This is where groomers use hair dye and special techniques to make the dogs look like fictional characters or other animals, like this cheetah-dog..
When dogs are presented in the creative competition, the groomers typically dress in a costume that matches their dog..
To decide the winners, judges look for skill and creativity, Nathan told Business Insider.
Celebrity dog groomer Jorge Bendersky explains his approach in the introduction to Groomed: “My task as a groomer is to capture and enhance that particular animal’s singularity with a distinguished and fashionably tasteful grooming style that brings out the best attributes [of the dog].”
Each dog breed has its own grooming history. Poodles, for example, were typically groomed with their torso hair clipped short and rings of fur on their legs to facilitate swimming while out on a hunt.
Depending on the complexity of the style, it can take anywhere from 3 hours to 9 hours to groom the dog. The dogs are given plenty of breaks.
The dogs in the competition are experienced at being groomed for this long, says Nathan, so they rarely get uncomfortable.
Not every dog is suited to the creative competition, however. It typically takes a lot of patience to be able to tolerate the long grooming sessions.
The hair dyeing is done over several days. The dye is nontoxic and not permanent. It can last anywhere from a few washes to a few months.
This year’s competition is on April 5th. It will draw a whole new crowd of dogs and groomers looking to make their mark with even more elaborate designs!

Inside London's First Cat Cafe

MARK BYRNES, 2:38 PM ET, (Source:

London's first cat cafe opened last month in the city's Shoreditch district. If you've been on the Internet the last couple of years, its success shouldn't come as a surprise.

Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium charges an $8.50 cover (which helps pay for cat food and medical care) and limits each patron visit to no more than two hours (flash photography is prohibited). No one under 8-years-old is allowed because, according to the website, "the cats are afraid of children."

Despite the restrictions, the cafe still manages to attract an incredible amount of visitors, and is entirely booked through June.

Unlike the playroom atmospheres of Japan's cat cafes, Nate Lanxon of Wired describes Lady Dinah's as "a cafe that just happens to be full of cats," filled with the eclectic furniture, baristas, and a wait staff. The Cat Emporium has 11 felines, all donated. Owner Anna Kogan tells Reuters that they hope to adopt more but need approval from the local council first.

And don't worry jealous canine lovers. The hangout of your dreams isn't far away. Shoreditch is also getting its own dog cafe, Happiness of Hounds, at some point later this year.


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