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2015 August VIP Newsletter

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The Pets Hotel News !


Competition time!

Pizza Shot

Super exciting news everyone!- The awesome people and pups at Zee.Dog have given us a collar and leash set to give away to one lucky dog!

  • All you have to do to enter this competition is go to our Facebook page, like and comment on our competition photo. Our winner will be announced on Friday the 4th of September!


We have an App for that!

Hey everyone!

We have amade a few little chnages to our App, your should check it out! :) 

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Did you know?!

Cats sleep for 70% of their lives.

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Fresh Breath Doggie Dental Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning

Do you almost pass-out when getting kisses from your pet? Well, why not book in for a DRUG FREE non-sedation teeth clean?!
Just look at the results

Fresh Breath Doggie Dental ( or Facebook
Dog and Cat teeth cleaning, without using any sedation or drug whatsoever.
Brian will come to your home and perform the teeth cleaning.

 teeth2 teeth3
Price: $300 per pet
To Book Call 0439336825 or 0439DENTAL


Canine invasion boosts work life balance


A partnership with PetRescue has seen dogs welcomed at Vinomofo’s Melbourne office. Source: NewsComAu

EVERY dog owner knows how hard it can be to leave your four-legged friends at home each day.
But one Australian business has learned that man’s best friend can make a great office companion.
Vinomofo has jumped on board a new PetRescue initiative to help rehome tens of thousands pets, starting with staffy mix JD, who has come to stay the online retailer’s Melbourne office.
Co-founder Justin Dry said the initially timid pooch was finding his feet after a long stretch in a shelter, charming staff with his gentle nature and soulful eyes.
“He’s obviously had an unsettled life, but he’s really coming out of his shell, surrounded by up to 70 people who love him,” Mr Dry said.
He said his animal-loving staff — who were given the final veto on JD’s arrival — were also seeing benefits, as JD’s presence was bringing stress levels down and encouraging staff to get outside for walks.

Good for morale: Vinomofo boss Justin Dry says having pets on site gives staff a boost. Source: NewsComAu


A welcome distraction: foster dog JD enjoys a treat. Source: NewsComAu
JD goes home each night with campaign manager Charlotte Cels and her Japanese Chin dog Keita, giving him much-needed consistency while he waits for a forever home.
Mystery surrounds the 11-year-old mutt’s heritage, but he is understood to be part Staffy, with his narrower face and leaner body hinting at a smaller breed in the mix.
His progress can be tracked on social media, via the hashtag #rehomeamofo or Twitter and Instagram handle @rehomeamofo.
JD is enjoying the ride as Vinomofo's foster dog

Mr Dry said JD — who had commandeered his nickname — had no identifiable health issues and would make a great companion.
He encouraged other businesses to open up their offices to foster pets and help ease the burden on shelters.
PetRescue’s new workplace foster care program aims to boost adoption numbers by matching homeless cats and dogs with a workplace foster family.
The program aims to reverse the sobering statistics which show large numbers of animals are needlessly put down each year.
More than half of cats and a quarter of dogs entering pounds are euthanased because there are not enough homes for them.
PetRescue Director Vickie Davy said having a foster pet in the office brought benefits to both animals and workers, with studies showing a pet-friendly workplace could help reduce stress, improving morale and enhance staff relationships.

The charity supports more than 800 rescue groups, shelters and pounds across Australia, saving thousands of pets each month.




Make Your Own Pop Art Pet Portrait


your precious pets a place of honor in your home by turning their portraits into wall art! Andy Warhol-inspired portraits are fun digital projects to try—but don't worry! You can do this project even if you don't have photo-editing software, though you will need access to a copy machine. Check out the instructions below to make your own pop art portrait.

-8" x 10" frame
-8" x 10" pet portrait (I printed mine at home)
-spray adhesive
-2 sheets of bright, complementary-colored cardstock
-8" x 10" background texture image (click here to download)

 Step One: Cut out the background from your photo.
Step Two: Scan the cut-out image, and increase the brightness and contrast. Copy machines have options that allow you to do this directly through the copy machine. Just practice on copy paper before printing it onto the colored cardstock. When you get it how you like it, with bright whites and contrasting darks, print onto the cardstock.
Step Three: Print out the background texture onto the contrasting cardstock. You can download the texture by clicking here.
Step Four: Trim the image from the first printed paper, leaving a little border around the edge.
Step Five: Spray the back of the trimmed-out image and mount it to the background texture.
Step Six: Use the glass from your frame to see where to trim the excess paper from the textured background so that it fits in an 8" x 10" frame. Keep in mind while trimming that you want a border around the edge of the texture to show when framed.

 We currently don't have any pets, but someday we would like to bring one into our home! In the meantime, I do love animal art and tchotchkes, as you can see! The photo of the dog that I used for this project was taken by my friend Ashleigh Harris for her amazingly adorable series, Dogs and Babies. If you're in need of a dose of cute today, you should seriously check it out! Swoon! -Mandi
Credits // Author and Photography: Mandi Johnson. Photos edited with Spring and Valentine of the Signature Collection.


Why does my dog hump?


Humping is a common behaviour in dogs and is seen in both males and females, even if they are de-sexed. Contrary to a lot of peoples’ misconception humping or mounting is not just a dominant or sexual behaviour.

When dogs play, they are constantly incorporating a multitude of behaviours in different sequences. When playing dogs can imitate natural behaviours like: chasing, stalking, and pouncing which are cues displayed when hunting; mouthing and wrestling are fighting behaviours; and humping can be a sexual cue.

Many Animal Behaviour experts believe that play is practice for natural situations where this behaviours may be needed. During play, dogs also display other behavioural cues that show their play mates that this is not for real and I’m having lots of fun.

Humping can be a sign of stress or anxiety, this behaviour can be seen in dogs when they are over excited. Although it really isn’t a true sign of anxiety, it can be a sign that the dog is over stimulated or a signal that your dog is not coping with the current situation, this behaviour can also be known as “displacement.” When dogs are both into a situation that they are not comfortable with they can display cues like scratching. Licking lips and even humping. Similar in human, we display displacement cues as well, like playing with our jewellery, checking our watches and most common constantly looking at our phones. Another common reason why dogs hump can be due to boredom or seeking attention, if this is the case you may need to look whether your dog is getting enough mental and physical exercise.

The best ways to stop your dog from doing this is to work out what is trigging this behaviour and try to remove or reduce their exposure to this situation; the most important thing is that everyone in your family needs to be constant. When your dog goes to hump, everyone needs to ignore it. This, however, will not be enough since it is self-reinforcing. Try and do as much as you can to prevent this occurring. It is recommended that you teach a more appropriate alternative; for example you may want to teach them how to sit and lay down! If you see your dog starting to hump or mount something or someone, distract them get them calm and turn this into a training session with lots of praise and rewards.



A Day In The Life

IMG 8662


Pet Quotes


About Us

After years of research in Australia and the USA, The Pets Hotel is custom designed for your pet’s health, safety and comfort, all in a fun-filled environment - which exceeds the industry Code of Practice.
The owners of The Pets Hotel have 35 years experience in the Pet industry.

The Pets Hotel is the culmination of this experience.

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  • Great place for your pets. Highly recommend it to anyone. Climate controlled. No windy,cold or boiling hot tin sheds. Fab facility.

    Nicole W
  • Alma absolutely loved her day there she didn't want to leave. The staff are so lovely & friendly. Alma smelt so nice for days after her bath there.

    Joanne B
  • Best pet boarding facility in Melbourne. Worth every cent. Exceptional customer service and care for your pet.

    Brig S
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